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The Keynote Presentation "African Linguists and Social Responsibility" by Ayo Bamgbose (Emeritus Professor of Linguistics University of Ibadan) can now be downloaded here. It's in powerpoint. Also, the address by Prof. Adams Bodomo from the University of Hong Kong/Vienna can now also be downloaded here. The title is "Grammatical Description And Language Revitalization In The Context Of Intangible Cultural Documentation". Also, the Plenary paper by Dr. Ron Schaefer of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville can be downloaded here in Word format and here in PDF. (It is titled "On Symmetricality in Emai Serial Verb Constructions")



NEW!!! The official programme of events for WALC2013 is here in PDF and here in Word format.

For Bank Details to pay for your WALS or LAN registration, look on this page.

NOTE: The Opening Ceremony on Tuesday 30th July will now be held at Bodija, rather than in the University of Ibadan. Below is the full address:

Supreme Management Consult, Okediji Street, Off Davies Hotel, Bodija Ibadan. Click here to view on Google Maps (click on "Get Directions" when page opens). You can also click here to download map to venue, in PDF.

The parallel sessions from Wednesday July 31 to Friday August 2 will be at the Dominican Institute, Samonda, Ibadan. Click here to view on Google Maps (click on "Get Directions" when page opens). You can also click here to download map to venue, in PDF.

Adequate arrangements are in place to take all participants to the two venues. Anyone who is unable to locate the place should come the the Department of Linguistics and African Languages, Faculty of Arts, University of Ibadan for direction.

We have available accommodation in the Alumni Centre on Campus. A room is from N3500 ($25) to N5500 ($35). There is another one at the teachers. house at Samonda near the Dominican Institute. A room there is between N4500 ($30) and N5500 ($35). 


Theme: "Research, Documentation and Sustainability in the Development of West African Languages".

WEST AFRICAN LINGUISTIC SOCIETY 50TH ANNIVERSARY Joint Conference of the West African Linguistic Society (WALS) and the Linguistic Association of Nigeria (LAN) Location: University of Ibadan, Ibadan Nigeria Date: July 29 – August 2, 2013 (Download the full announcement here)

B'Urhun, B'Uyag on Vimeo, coming up at WALC2013.

"Nigeria is the biggest cassava producer in the world and it is the
women who traditionally process the cassava. This film is about rural
food production and follows Rachel Obanoun, Lydia Adekanye and Jola
Baale as they go about their weekly routine of making fufu, gaari, and
elubo and selling their produce in the village market.

The film is part of a larger project on the documentation of the Ikaan
language spoken in Ikakumo (Ondo State, Nigeria) and the culture of
the Ikakumo people. The project is led by Dr Sophie Salffner, a
linguist who has been working with the community since 2006. Maria
Tzika, a visual anthropologist, joined Dr Salffner in 2012 to observe
and document farming and food processing techniques in relation to
language, cultural beliefs and cultural structures."



Industrial Strike

Public Universities in Nigeria are on industrial action (strike) at the moment, but this will not affect the scheduling or activities of the conference.

Travel Planning

If you wish to be met at the airport in Lagos on arrival, please send their travel itinerary to us at to enable us explore group pick up. This will reduce cost per individual considerably.

Security in Ibadan
Note that the University is located in South West Nigeria with no security challenges as are in the North. You will have nothing to worry about, but if you are arriving after 4pm, please plan on sleeping over in Lagos because of traffic snarl of the Lagos roads.

Accepted Abstracts

All the accepted abstracts have now been arranged and listed. Click here to download it in PDF, or here to download in Word version. Please look through to find if yours has been omitted. (We're hoping that this is not the case).

Photo Exhibition and Video show

The conference will feature an exhibition showcasing photographs and videos taken by participants of the Ikakumo Photography School 2013 run by Asya Gefter and Sophie Salffner of the School of Oriental and African Studies.Click here to view the PDF of the announcement.

Pidgin English Panel

There will be a Pidgin English panel at the WALC conference where the following shall be discussed:
    * How best to write Nigerian Pidgin
    * Formally constituting a committee for the promotion of Nigerian Pidgin
    * Examining the use of pidgin in various media
    * Reintroduction of pidgin and creoles in university curricula
    * There will be readings of poems and short stories
  There will also be a chance to add to the dialogue in order to start a lasting conversation on Pidgin English use in Nigeria. Those who should attend: all interested individuals most especially the hosts of pidgin programs in the media. Materials will be uploaded in due course which will form the basis of discussions. To book attendance, send an email to the secretary of the LOC at, with the subject: 'INTERESTED IN PIDGIN PANEL'


Please note that a new PG hall in UI Campus will be available for participants. It is very affordable and is near campus. It is called theAdebayo Akande Hall. Interested participants can book online where the rates are listed. More information about the UI Hotels is here.



Membership Dues:
WALS: $30 or N5000 (Nigerian Naira)
LAN: Old Members: $30 or N5000
New Members: $40 or N7000        
Conference Fees:
Africans: N10,000 or US Dollar equivalent
Non-Africans: $100
Students (with Identity Card): Africans: N5000                                                            Non-African: $50
Conference Dinner (optional): $20 or N3000
Excursion (optional): $20 or N3000

Bank Details to pay into can be found here.



Hotels in Ibadan.

For your convenience while in Ibadan, we have partnered with a number of hotels, inns, and guest-houses around town, which you would find affordable and reliable. Feel free to talk to us at the LOC about reserving space for you at anyone of these. The room rates are in Nigerian Naira. To get a feel of how much it is in international currency, feel free to convert using online currency converter tools. Click for the rate of the UI hotels.

The LOC.

The Local Organizing Committtee of the WALC2013 Conference is in charge of the programme, abstracts, conference proceedings, planning and organising, and every other activity related to the proper functioning of the conference. Here are the members of the committee:


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